What’s Going On In January?

What's Going On In January_
Welcome to the first month of 2018!!  I think most of us are feeling pumped for the new year!  New goals, new things to accomplish and new plans for whatever you want!

I am always pumped for the new year and even more pumped to see what this year brings – 2017 was a challenging year but my husband and I got through it!  We are starting 2018 with a fresh outlook and a lot of good things coming our way soon!

Each month, I want to share with you some things I am doing each month and I would LOVE to hear more from you all as well – to talk, to collaborate, or any kind of feedback!  I am looking forward to each month to doing these posts to share with you what is going on in my life!

Currently reading:  
I am not currently in the middle of any book, but my best friend gifted me a book called “Rise, Sister, Rise” for Christmas and I plan on starting that this month!  NOTHING shouts out girl power more than this book.  Also check the author’s first book “Light is the New Black”.  Check out “Rise Sister Rise” here.


Currently Watching:
I recently subscribed to Hulu because Netflix has been letting me down lately!  I found out that Hulu has THE ENTIRE SEASON OF HOME IMPROVEMENT!  It has been YEARS of me looking for these seasons on DVDs.  We watched the show as a family growing up, but I always love rewatching old shows as an adult.  My husband and I started that late in December.  Also, my husband refuses to watch this show with me but I can’t deny the guilty pleasure of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!  I have watched the series on and off so now I am going back and rewatching all the drama unfold!  One thing that you I watch daily is “On the Case With Paula Zahn” (Comcast on demand as ALL THE EPISODES – OVER 150!!) and “Friends” because that is my all-time favorite TV show!

Currently Cooking:
Healthy food all day every day!  Or at least try to!  I created a really good habit in 2017 of planning out meals and focusing on having a different protein each day so that I don’t get sick of the same thing, and I already have planned what I am going to make.  The recipe and the veggies typically will change.  I meal prep on Sundays or Mondays for lunches for the week!

Get your own meal prep planner here!


Currently Eating:
The new stuff I have incorporated in my eating is Coconut Milk and Cauliflower Rice.  Towards the end of 2017, we switched to Cauliflower rice and have NOT looked back!  I have had rice a couple of times since and it is just not the same.  I enjoy cauliflower rice so much more now!  I make it with everything; burrito bowls, use it as a pasta, and even made some “Mexican cauliflower rice”. Perfect for people on a KETO diet!

Currently Loving:
Lavender essential oils – all day every day! It helps me sleep and relax.  I have a face spray from Sheer Miracle that is amazing and in the evening (sometimes multiple times a day) I spray my face with this mixture and I feel so refreshed!

Currently Dreaming:
I have had some weird and intense dreams lately!  I won’t go into details here, but it must be all the stress from moving!

Currently feeling:
OVERWHELMED to say the VERY least!  We are selling our home which has been my childhood home for 25 years and ended up being Darrin and mine first home together where we fixed it up and had our very first moments there.  We are moving and even downsizing to an apartment.  We are making the move from suburbia to city life!  Also, we are going down to having one car and the car we are giving up is also a car I have had for over 10 years (it was a car I drove in high school!)  LOTS OF CHANGES and it is so hard and difficult but change is usually difficult and often for the better! Currently listening: Since my car is old (see above!), I don’t have any fancy plug ins or blue tooth to listen to my music.  I often listen to the normal radio; however when I work out I have a dedicated playlist to get me pumped!  One of my favorite songs right now is Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar’s “Freedom”!!

Currently celebrating: OMG SO MUCH!  After SIX LONG months with our house up for sale, we have finally sold it and we are finally having our dream come true in moving to Chicago – something my husband and I have wanted since we started dating.  It has been a LONG time coming and it has certainly not come easy.  Also, this is the month where I am celebrating five years cancer free! (watch out for a giant post about that!)  So many birthdays as well in January in my family and among my friends – (A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY HUSBAND IN JANUARY!!!)

Where I Am Going: Rose Fest in Chicago on January 20th!  Celebrating my five year cancer-versary and then celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays!  Hopefully it’s not snowing drastically out or unbearably cold but whatever it is Chicago in January so it should be expected!  Otherwise, we are trying to not plan too much because moving is going to be hectic and adjusting to a new normal will be interesting!

Crafting: I just really want a Cricut!  Who wants to buy me one?!

What are you thankful for this month?
SO MANY THINGS.  This month is the month of change and reflection for sure.  First and foremost, I am thankful for my health.  My health has bounced back from two bouts of cancer and god knows how many different drugs and surgeries.  I am beyond grateful for how my body has helped up and beyond thankful for what it can do for me.  I have been cancer free for five years which is known as you are CURED essentially.  I am no longer in “remission”.  I am thankful for the 25 MEMORABLE years of living in my childhood home.  After my parents passed away consecutively within 18 months of each other and even when I went through cancer, my siblings and I had the means and opportunity to stay in our home and didn’t have to deal with additional stress of moving and losing something else we had.  Once my brother and sister moved out, I also was able to spend my first years with my now-husband in our house and make it our own.  I am thankful we have our jobs, and we have been employed by companies for a combined over 10 years, and that they are stable and this gives us the opportunity to move to the city that we have dreamed about for so long.  I am thankful for so many memories we have had living in our home and how five people used to live in the home and it has dwindled down to my husband and myself and our pup!  So many countless memories of childhood, teenage years and then when my siblings and I lived there by ourselves.  Many good memories but also some difficult ones.  My husband and I had our first kiss in front of this home and it was where we became a family!

Thank you for reading about my January – what are you up to this month?  Anything I should be eating, cooking, trying out?  Sound off below!!  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


Think “Theme” Not “Resolution”

_This life is to be lived without regret__________________________________________The World After Anxiety, Depression and Eating (2)

Who still does resolutions? Do you REALLY stick to them?

We should have a resolution to never make resolutions again!

I suppose it depends on your resolution, but typically a resolution is something you promise to do for the ENTIRE year. The majority of us forget about these resolutions by mid-March, maybe even mid-January! We also don’t have to guess what the most popular resolution of all is right? “I want to lose weight” – and then for most of us it never happens.

I have been guilty with the whole “weight loss resolution” practice. Finally this will be my year!! These practices are so outdated and we immediately set ourselves up for failure!

January 2016 I changed the game for myself. I decided to embark on a “themed” new year where I made up a bunch of tiny goals (resolutions if you will) and decided that overall my theme for 2017 was going to be “self-care”!

Also, this was my first year I EVER wrote down my real goals and observations. I had so many things I wanted to try and do and accomplish that to decide on a theme is really the best way to keep your “theme” or resolution going the entire year! Think more of “I want to treat my body better” rather than “I need to finally lose twenty pounds”!

This is what I set out to do in 2017:

Theme: Self-Care and Self-Love

1.) Yoga and Mindfulness

I have participated in yoga on and off with friends – various special events and some awesome classes around the area. For me, it is a different way to work out and I am always up for a change! This year I wanted it to be more than just an occasional practice. I actually looked toward yoga to help me. If I came home from work after a stressful day or life was getting overwhelming, I pulled up a free youtube video and did yoga at my house by myself. You can do yoga anywhere – for FREE.
Mindfulness was also something I needed to work on and continue to work on. I learned more about mindfulness and it goes hand and hand with yoga. I wanted to be present in the moment and accept each situation as it is.

2.) Try out new/healthy recipes

Every week this year (and YES I have kept it up every week!) I have tried to cook a new recipe every week. The downfall to my success when I meal prepped was getting tired of chicken/rice/veggies every week. This made me not want to eat healthy or eat my lunch when prepped for work and I ended up going out and spending money on fast food during my lunch breaks. I focused on planning out my lunches and dinners on changing up my proteins frequently. I always did Chicken Monday’s, Shrimp Tuesdays, Turkey or Beef Wednesdays, Turkey or Beef (or any choice) Thursdays and Salmon Friday’s. The recipes were also different but the proteins actually stayed the same. Veggies were changed up, seasonings were frequently changed up and etc. Three years ago I barely ever cooked, and now I love to experiment and my cooking confidence is through the roof!

3.) Learning to love myself

I have been struggling with weight for two years now. I like to eat bad food and I like to drink beer and wine so when you mix that up with hypothyroidism, it is not a good mix! I have learned that while changing up my nutrition, I need to learn to LOVE my body with whatever stage I am at in the weight process. My body has done some amazing things so far and I have learned to accept the mindset of “love your body and give it nutrition”. No matter where you are, no matter how much weight you can life or what size clothes fit you, you need to love your body. Your body allows you to do so much and it is time we all realized we need to take care of our body and before you know it, you will start looking and feeling the way you want to!

I am going into 2018 with the same mindset but different goals. I don’t think of numbers or think of specific goals. I want to keep learning and experiencing and the course of these goals might change so that is why “theme” works for me. Think of a theme for yourself and it can be a number of things or you can use some of my ideas. I feel better and I feel that 2017 had its stressful moments but I knew that I could always get back on track and keep being dedicated to myself and keep evolving my self-love mindset.

Thanks for reading! Happy 2018!!!!!!!

Until next time,

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