Laugh Always Spotlight Edition: Dealing With Death

The Laugh Always Spotlight Edition features guest posts from members of the Laugh Always Ambassador Community. Laugh Always has been created to highlight those difficult journeys and to celebrate the badass people that live to share their journey. I welcome you to the second edition of the Laugh Always Spotlight!

I want to introduce you to Ariel.  She is sharing a story about how the loss of a loved one has changed her view on life and what she has learned.

When I was younger, I never truly understood people dying. I always just thought that meant they left forever and I would never see them again. I did not have many family members pass away when I was younger. When my grandpa died in November of 2010 that is when I began to truly understand what death really meant. Before I tell you about what death means, let me back up and tell you about the events leading to his death. 


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