It’s Okay To Eat A French Fry

It's okay to eat a French cry

Because one French fry won’t make us fat.  One slip up won’t make us fat.  One bad meal or one bad day does not guarantee that we undo everything we are working hard towards.

I love food.  I also love living a healthy and active lifestyle.  It has taken me years to realize that food is fuel and that when I show my body love, I am feeding it healthy food.

This goes along with my blog post from last Friday You Are Your Only Limit.  In that post, I spoke about how we need to reset our mindset into thinking that we need to “diet” and we need to cut cold turkey on the foods we shouldn’t be eating.  These practices do not work most of the time, and while some people may have succeeded in this practice, I guarantee you it is not the popular way.  In order for these new methods to stick, we need to do a lifestyle change.

Making changes slowly but surely in our diet will help us succeed.  Start interchanging snacks and the liquids you consume throughout the day.

Our biggest failures are when we come up with this ENORMOUS HUGE plan for ourselves and immediately tell ourselves that we have to be PERFECT.  That mindset DOES NOT WORK AND WILL NEVER WORK FOR YOU.

Here is an example of this type of plan that is not fool proof:

*Imagine that it is Friday afternoon and you didn’t eat that great this week, drank a lot of calorie filled drinks, and didn’t work out at all*

Saying to yourself “Starting MONDAY, I’m going to eat nothing but home cooked meals, meal prep Sunday night.  Work out five days next week.  Give up pop, give up candy, give up fast food and I’m going to purge all of my snacks from my house”

Monday comes around and you have meals prepped for the entire week, and you are good to go to start your day!   You come home from work or start your day with a workout and you do really well!  I mean, you can’t miss Day 1!

Now imagine day 4 rolls around so it’s probably Thursday.  Body is sore, don’t feel like working out.  You are tired.  You don’t feel like cooking food and just want to go home and be lazy.  This ends up being the end to your “plan” because here comes Friday and now here comes the weekend.  You of course don’t participate in anything healthy on the weekends because you were so good for those three days last week so it’s okay to indulge.

And then, the cycle begins again.  It’s Monday again and you are here to drink all the water and eat all the greens!  But the weekend comes around again and your busy life takes hold and you go to all the restaurants!
I’m here to tell you that you need to BREAK THE CYCLE.  You can’t keep doing that to yourself and your body.  It is a vicious cycle that not only takes its toll on your body, but also your mindset.  We keep setting ourselves up for failure with these big elaborate – supposed-to-be permanent plans that it just doesn’t work out.

If you want to start eating healthier, you need to start slow.  You are in this for the long haul (aka the REST OF YOUR LIFE) because hey guess what, we aren’t getting younger every year!  You need to take care of your body, and the earlier the better.

Here are some KEY tips for lifestyle changes:

*That pop/soda you drink at lunch every day?  Switch that out with water and if you can’t stand water, get some fruity flavoring packets to mix in with your water (no sugar of course!)

*Plan your week – What do you have going on all week?  Do you work shifts or do you work a regular schedule?  What about extracurricular activities?  What’s going on during the weekend?  When can you get a workout in?!  Plan your workouts and your meals.  If you HAVE to go out to eat, what is on the menu that is still delicious but healthy?

*Going out to eat?  Skip the apps and skip the booze if you can.  I know that for me personally, if it is the weekend and I am going out to eat, I tend to also then go out for drinks after dinner so why do I need to have booze both places?  I really don’t and I really shouldn’t be spending all this extra money.  Appetizers are good and all, but again, I will probably get a late night snack if it’s a late night.  Think ahead before you plan your night out and plan and prepare.  Stick to the plan!

*WAKE UP EARLY if you have to.  I mean, I’m not going to sit here and tell you to wake up at 5:30 am everyday BUT if that is where the success comes in, you might need to do that.  I know that on Fridays, those are the days that tend to be the busiest in the evenings after work.  I got used to waking up before work to get my workout in so that no matter what I did Friday night, I felt less guilty.

*Plan for your cravings!  OMG who doesn’t have cravings?  I have one just about everyday and no, I have never been pregnant.  Intense cravings for sugar, or chocolate or pop or fast food etc….. I know myself enough that I KNOW I will plan for these cravings.  What can I get that has less calories, a little bit healthier and of course satisfy my craving??  This is probably the most important tip I am going to give you!  I know I will have days where I want ALL THE CHOCOLATE so we keep one big plain chocolate bar in the house.  I have one little piece if I must.  If I need a 2nd, I HAVE A SECOND one.  But there is no way I need to eat the whole bar, and to be honest I don’t really need to eat it.  When your body is eating healthy all day, your body tends to crave bad food less IF YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT and not starving yourself.  My husband is an AVID Reese’s peanut butter cup eater.  AVID (as a lot of us are!) Rather than having Reese’s on hand everyday, he will eat a spoonful of peanut butter (all natural) and get organic chocolate syrup to sprinkle on.  Craving solved!!

*Stop waiting until Monday!  Why are we waiting until Monday?  Why are we waiting at all?  As soon as you think that you want to start eating healthy, do so at your next meal if you can.  Sure, you might need to go grocery shopping and whatnot but why do we all have this in our minds of “starting on Monday?!”  Start ASAP – start on a Tuesday or a Friday!  Stop letting those days get you further and further away from what you truly desire!

As I proclaimed in the title of this post, it is okay to have a French fry!  So what do I mean by that?  It’s okay to have bumps in the road because again, this is a LIFESTYLE change.  You can’t be perfect forever right?  Obviously, I don’t mean a literal French fry, but it is important to understand that it is okay to indulge and have one of those things we crave, but only if it comes to the point where we can stop it.  It is important to have the mindset that if you have a slip up, or a bad meal that we get right back on track again!  Don’t wait to finish the week out or the weekend out – just get back on track.

The idea we need to starve ourselves from everything that is bad and unhealthy is just completely absurd.  To give up so many things right away that you are used to eating is setting yourself up to fail.  I want you to feel empowered in your choices and less guilt in your choices.  Oh well if you didn’t work out one day or maybe you did but only for a short time, you aren’t going to gain all of your weight back in a day.  Think about this; how long did it take you to get to the point of where you’re at now?  It was not overnight – I guarantee that.

So once you make your lifestyle change to being a little bit healthier, remember that if you have these little cravings for bad food, it is more than okay to have one meal to cheat or one snack to cheat.  It is a slow process with many ups and downs!

If you think you are wanting to make a lifestyle change, or you are on a health journey and you need a little bit more accountability, I would love for you to join my Facebook group!  We celebrate victories, run little challenges and provide you with motivation!  Some of us share some yummy recipes too!  Join us here! —> Laugh Always Fitness Group  I would love to have some new people join!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunshine Blogger Award

must-see sights in europe


As I am scrolling through my twitter notifications this morning (follow Laugh Always on twitter here!), I see that I am included with eight other people in a tweet and there is a long thread.  I follow along and find out that my blog is nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”!

This is Laugh Always third Sunshine award nomination and honestly, it feels so awesome to be recognized each and every time.  I still can’t believe that people other than my loved ones read my blog (read that post here) and whenever I receive recognition like this, it makes me feel like it is worth to keep pursuing what I am doing.  I am so greatly honored to be recognized by peers and other bloggers!


What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.

The award not only shines the spotlight on some amazing bloggers and their work, it gives us a chance to get to know them a little better.

So who nominated me you ask?  Nicole from “This is All Going On“.  She is a mom and a wife – she has three kids!  Her blog is all about positive living while battling anxiety, chaos of having twins and chronic pain.  Her page is very inspiring and makes you want to get out and live the best life you can!

Nicole has asked that we answer some questions she submitted so here goes nothing!

My Sunshine Blogger Award questions from Nicole:

1.) Is blogging your business, your passion or both?

It is definitely both for me.  I am creating a business and a brand but it is also a deep passion of mine to help people and inspire others.  I work at this every day, whether it be trying to make new connections or write down my feelings in my blog.  I know that helping people and inspiring others is something I want to do the rest of my life.  I will keep at it for however long it takes to get going!

2.) How long have you been blogging?

I started Laugh Always in August 2017.  I have consistently blogging on here ever since.  I also set up an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for Laugh Always as well.  I have been sharing many stories from people all around the world who have been dealing with difficult journeys

3.) Where do you find your inspiration for your blog?

The inspiration comes from what I have been through and knowing who I was 7-8 years ago.  I was really just trying to keep up with my parents passing away so close together and then being diagnosed with cancer twice all at the same time.  I think of that girl and how she got through those times and I remember like it was yesterday how I was feeling.  I spent a lot of time by myself and didn’t feel like myself for a really long time.  I think back to how young I was going through that whole mess and now making it truly mean something.  If I went through all of those hard trials, then I’m sure as hell going to make it worth it and inspire others to get through their trials as well!

4.) How did you choose your niche (if you have a niche)?

Inspiration and a little lifestyle was my designated niche for what I wanted to do.  I really want to inspire other.

5.) How has your blog transformed since the first post you published?

My blog started out with stories of my life and now I have over 20 stories from other people sharing their rough journeys.  I have also integrated different parts of my life on here as well – from being healthy and then to eating healthy.  You can view those sections here!

6.) What was the first post you published?

My first post I published was introducing myself and how I came up with Laugh Always. You can read it here!

7.) Do you have other creative pursuits other than blogging?

It has taken me a very long time to accept the fact that I might be a little creative.  Growing up, creativity to me was being able to love art, being able to draw or paint or maybe even handwrite very well.  Now that our world has gone more to the digital age, I am finding out more and more that I have been creative all along, but on the computer.  I made picture collages and picture videos back in high school and with pictures in general, I love decorating or playing around with them.  I get this creative feel from my mom for sure because she was creative in the tangible sense where she would sew and craft so many different things for us.  All of our Barbie furniture was handmade by my mom!  I do have so many other pursuits but trying to stick to blogging as my main one right now!  Life is short though you know?  Who knows what I might start next!

8.) Do you have siblings? Where do you fall in the birth order? Do you think this affects your life view?

I have a younger sister and a younger brother – you guessed it!  I’m the oldest!  I don’t know if this affects my life view, but it does affect our personalities for sure and I think that goes for every family.  Typically the oldest is the one who is the most independent and I feel like that has been me my whole life.  I really didn’t need my parents to help with much, nor did I want them too.  My mom would always tell me I was very independent and she could see me being a high powered boss or lawyer one day.  When my parents passed away, I definitely felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders to not only take care of my dad initially when he was still alive, but then to take care of my siblings and be the income provider for awhile as my sister and brother were both still in college.  I think that I like to be in charge and that comes from being “bossy” which not necessarily a bad thing.

9.) If you could choose any super power, what would it be?

Probably the power to fly.  I would always say being invisible but I don’t think it is ideal to spy on people anymore!

10.) What’s your favourite season and why?

SUMMER!  Because it’s warm everyday, the sun is beautiful and there is nothing better than watching a sunset on a warm day where you can be outside without a jacket and enjoy a gorgeous breeze.

11.) What would your dream vacation be?

I don’t know what that is exactly.  I am lucky that I have absolutely had my dream vacation already and that was my honeymoon to Maui.  Another dream destination is Napa Valley in California which is a trip I have already done also and about to repeat this year!  I think my next dream vacation would be to Spain and maybe even Italy and a tour of Europe.


What to do if you choose to accept your Sunshine Blogger Award nomination:

Write a post where you:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award and link back to their blog
  2. Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 questions to answer.
  4. List the “rules” and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post.

Plus, don’t forget to notify the 11 bloggers you’ve nominated through social media or commenting on their blogs.

My nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

1.) Debbie from the Sentimental Keepsake – Keepsake Diaries

2.) Joanna and Beth from Where Old Meets New

3.) Brit from the Happiness Agreement

4.) Corretta from Where the Good Vibes Are

5.) Jessi from Life With Jessi

6.) Sarah from Lemon Blessings

7.) Rachel from Simple Honest Essential

8.) Michelle from Jumbled Brain

9.) La Shell from One Pot Living

10.) Karyn from The Intuitive Wildflower

11.) Kiki from She’s Kiki


Questions to my nominees – make sure to answer these in your blog post for the Sunshine Reward and nominate blogs of your own!

1.)  Why did you start blogging?

2.)  How long have you been a blogger?

3.)  Who inspires you on a daily basis?

4.)  What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

5.)  What makes you a positive or inspiring person?

6.)  Why should people read your blog?

7.)  What does your ideal day look like?

8.)  Where is your favorite destination?

9.)  What are three things on your “bucket list”?

10.) Besides blogging, what is another hobby you have?

11.) If you could have an job in the world, what would it be?


I can’t wait to read these new blog posts!  To my nominees, please let me know when you post because I would love to see your answers to these questions!

Thanks for reading and thank you Nicole for the nomination!

Until next time,




What’s Going On In February?

What's Going On InFebruary_

Welcome back!  Here are some of the great things I am doing this month with Laugh Always and maybe it will give you some new ideas if you are looking to change it up in these categories!

I want to hear from you!  Read on this article and then let me know what you recommend me checking out in the month of March!

Currently Reading:
Life hasn’t slowed down QUITE yet.  I do have a longer commute now that we have moved 45 minutes to the north!  I really want to download some audio books and listen to them on the way home.  SUGGESTIONS for some motivational books is appreciated!!!

Currently Watching:
I SINCERELY HOPE you are watching the latest addition of American Crime Story on FX!  I really truly hope you are.  I am all caught up and every episode has been intense and weird and heart wrenching.  The acting is superb.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Darrin Criss – the actor who plays Andrew Cunanan in the show.  Do yourself a favor and discover the gem that is Darren Criss.  If you don’t know who he is, look him up on social media.  He has a small following with his duo bank “Computer Games” (their songs are on my workout playlist!).  He was also on Glee for 5 seasons.  Just check it out!

Currently Cooking:
So I am still trying to find a new routine for myself with my shorter time in the evening.  In our new place, we have an electric stove which is a new experience for me.  Trying to figure that out and not trying to eat out every night!

Currently Eating:
To put this bluntly, I am eating everything in Chicago.  If you have followed along, my husband and I sold our house last month and we moved to Chicago.  Every weekend so far, we have gone to a different restaurant to check it out.  There is just so much that I want to check out that we will probably never go to the same restaurant twice!  One of my favorite restaurants we discovered is called Bellwether.  If you are in Chicago, it is an awesome place and not too pricey either!  We actually went twice in the same weekend; once for dinner and then brunch.  Brunch was awesome!

Currently Loving:
MY NEW PLACE!  The house that my husband and I sold was the house I have lived in since I was six years old.  It has been so hard to leave it behind but it went to a new small family which it couldn’t have been planned out better.  I am in love with the building we chose to start our new adventure in Chicago.  The view from our place never gets old.  I never want to leave!


Currently feeling:
This month I feel like I am finally settling in to the new place!  A new routine has started – rather than working out after work like I always have, I am now getting up at 530 and working out before leaving for work.  New routine but it needed to happen to fit everything into one day!  It’s easier than expected and I don’t have to get into my car and drive to a gym.  My gym is downstairs at my building!

Currently Listening:
I am rediscovering some old Usher songs for my running playlist!  I have been listening to random songs from my iTunes library and some new awesome workout songs have been coming up!  “Scream” by Usher is such a great song to workout to!

Currently celebrating:
Month of love!  Hello!  I mean, I don’t think I am totally into Valentine’s Day and my husband spoils me just about everyday, but it is an opportunity that we go and splurge on a good dinner (not on Valentine’s day – too crazy for us).  We visited this restaurant called “Untitled Supper Club” and OMG you need to go the next time you are in Chicago.  The food was excellent, service and ambiance was excellent and the band was awesome.  We made a reservation ahead of time and had a table right in front of the stage.  You just need to go!
I am also kicking off celebrations with one of my best friends this month – she is getting marred in June of 2019 and we attended a bridal expo!  Got some awesome ideas and the six of us filled up on some free samples of course because THAT IS WHAT MATTTERS.

Currently going:
My husband and I are making an effort to check out at least one new restaurant per weekend.  We don’t want to repeat and want to use our time wisely so each week we have been taking turns on picking restaurants in Chicago to get our exploration on!  Our most recent visits so far have been to Slurping Turtle and Untitled Supper Club – check them out!

Currently crafting:
Still no cricut!  I am inching closer and closer to just purchasing one so I should just do it.  I have too many ideas to create!

I am so tired of this snow and rain and then snow again.  At least we live in a building now, and we don’t have to shovel or worry about flooding.  However, I just want warm weather!  It will make my commute less worrisome – potholes are the worst!

Until next time,


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