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Laugh Always is a growing community that is setting out to inspire and motivate people to live their best life!  In this community, we celebrate one’s personal journeys and difficult roads and how they live life outside of a life changing event.  Be apart of this celebration of life and support as we spread the “Laugh Always” way to inspire and support those who need a little more motivation and empowerment to make it through!

Do you love reading inspiration quotes?  Do you want to help motivate people and celebrate success?  Becoming a part of the Laugh Always Community is exactly for you!

As a Laugh Always Ambassador, you will:

  • Post motivational quotes and images, share pieces of your journey, celebrate other people’s journeys, post about being inspired and empowered all while using the hashtag #laughalwayswithlo – Additional tags can be #laughalways , #laughalwaysambassador , #laughalwayscommunity , #laughalwaysfam
  • Participate in self-care challenges and post to social media
  • Engage with the hashtags on social media platforms that are listed above to share the love with everyone in the Laugh Always Community
  • Guest blog on
  • Spread the love and inspiration of Laugh Always
  • Receive rewards & prizes
  • Gain access to the exclusive Laugh Always VIP group on Facebook
  • Become a part of getting the Laugh Always movement spread throughout your community!

This is a free ambassador program – to remain as an active member, you must do the following.

  • Follow Laugh Always on the social media platforms you are currently active on – (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, and Twitter)
  • You must actively post on TWO social media platforms using the hashtags listed above

Benefits of the Program:
You will receive the following benefits –

  • GOODIES! – Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • Shout outs! – Do you have a social media platform, blog, story or product you want to grow?  Let Laugh Always help you grow your business or brand!
  • You will have an AMAZING support group


If you want to help grow the Laugh Always community, sign up below!


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