What’s Going On In February?

What's Going On InFebruary_

Welcome back!  Here are some of the great things I am doing this month with Laugh Always and maybe it will give you some new ideas if you are looking to change it up in these categories!

I want to hear from you!  Read on this article and then let me know what you recommend me checking out in the month of March!

Currently Reading:
Life hasn’t slowed down QUITE yet.  I do have a longer commute now that we have moved 45 minutes to the north!  I really want to download some audio books and listen to them on the way home.  SUGGESTIONS for some motivational books is appreciated!!!

Currently Watching:
I SINCERELY HOPE you are watching the latest addition of American Crime Story on FX!  I really truly hope you are.  I am all caught up and every episode has been intense and weird and heart wrenching.  The acting is superb.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Darrin Criss – the actor who plays Andrew Cunanan in the show.  Do yourself a favor and discover the gem that is Darren Criss.  If you don’t know who he is, look him up on social media.  He has a small following with his duo bank “Computer Games” (their songs are on my workout playlist!).  He was also on Glee for 5 seasons.  Just check it out!

Currently Cooking:
So I am still trying to find a new routine for myself with my shorter time in the evening.  In our new place, we have an electric stove which is a new experience for me.  Trying to figure that out and not trying to eat out every night!

Currently Eating:
To put this bluntly, I am eating everything in Chicago.  If you have followed along, my husband and I sold our house last month and we moved to Chicago.  Every weekend so far, we have gone to a different restaurant to check it out.  There is just so much that I want to check out that we will probably never go to the same restaurant twice!  One of my favorite restaurants we discovered is called Bellwether.  If you are in Chicago, it is an awesome place and not too pricey either!  We actually went twice in the same weekend; once for dinner and then brunch.  Brunch was awesome!

Currently Loving:
MY NEW PLACE!  The house that my husband and I sold was the house I have lived in since I was six years old.  It has been so hard to leave it behind but it went to a new small family which it couldn’t have been planned out better.  I am in love with the building we chose to start our new adventure in Chicago.  The view from our place never gets old.  I never want to leave!


Currently feeling:
This month I feel like I am finally settling in to the new place!  A new routine has started – rather than working out after work like I always have, I am now getting up at 530 and working out before leaving for work.  New routine but it needed to happen to fit everything into one day!  It’s easier than expected and I don’t have to get into my car and drive to a gym.  My gym is downstairs at my building!

Currently Listening:
I am rediscovering some old Usher songs for my running playlist!  I have been listening to random songs from my iTunes library and some new awesome workout songs have been coming up!  “Scream” by Usher is such a great song to workout to!

Currently celebrating:
Month of love!  Hello!  I mean, I don’t think I am totally into Valentine’s Day and my husband spoils me just about everyday, but it is an opportunity that we go and splurge on a good dinner (not on Valentine’s day – too crazy for us).  We visited this restaurant called “Untitled Supper Club” and OMG you need to go the next time you are in Chicago.  The food was excellent, service and ambiance was excellent and the band was awesome.  We made a reservation ahead of time and had a table right in front of the stage.  You just need to go!
I am also kicking off celebrations with one of my best friends this month – she is getting marred in June of 2019 and we attended a bridal expo!  Got some awesome ideas and the six of us filled up on some free samples of course because THAT IS WHAT MATTTERS.

Currently going:
My husband and I are making an effort to check out at least one new restaurant per weekend.  We don’t want to repeat and want to use our time wisely so each week we have been taking turns on picking restaurants in Chicago to get our exploration on!  Our most recent visits so far have been to Slurping Turtle and Untitled Supper Club – check them out!

Currently crafting:
Still no cricut!  I am inching closer and closer to just purchasing one so I should just do it.  I have too many ideas to create!

I am so tired of this snow and rain and then snow again.  At least we live in a building now, and we don’t have to shovel or worry about flooding.  However, I just want warm weather!  It will make my commute less worrisome – potholes are the worst!

Until next time,


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What’s Going On In January?

What's Going On In January_
Welcome to the first month of 2018!!  I think most of us are feeling pumped for the new year!  New goals, new things to accomplish and new plans for whatever you want!

I am always pumped for the new year and even more pumped to see what this year brings – 2017 was a challenging year but my husband and I got through it!  We are starting 2018 with a fresh outlook and a lot of good things coming our way soon!

Each month, I want to share with you some things I am doing each month and I would LOVE to hear more from you all as well – to talk, to collaborate, or any kind of feedback!  I am looking forward to each month to doing these posts to share with you what is going on in my life!

Currently reading:  
I am not currently in the middle of any book, but my best friend gifted me a book called “Rise, Sister, Rise” for Christmas and I plan on starting that this month!  NOTHING shouts out girl power more than this book.  Also check the author’s first book “Light is the New Black”.  Check out “Rise Sister Rise” here.


Currently Watching:
I recently subscribed to Hulu because Netflix has been letting me down lately!  I found out that Hulu has THE ENTIRE SEASON OF HOME IMPROVEMENT!  It has been YEARS of me looking for these seasons on DVDs.  We watched the show as a family growing up, but I always love rewatching old shows as an adult.  My husband and I started that late in December.  Also, my husband refuses to watch this show with me but I can’t deny the guilty pleasure of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!  I have watched the series on and off so now I am going back and rewatching all the drama unfold!  One thing that you I watch daily is “On the Case With Paula Zahn” (Comcast on demand as ALL THE EPISODES – OVER 150!!) and “Friends” because that is my all-time favorite TV show!

Currently Cooking:
Healthy food all day every day!  Or at least try to!  I created a really good habit in 2017 of planning out meals and focusing on having a different protein each day so that I don’t get sick of the same thing, and I already have planned what I am going to make.  The recipe and the veggies typically will change.  I meal prep on Sundays or Mondays for lunches for the week!

Get your own meal prep planner here!


Currently Eating:
The new stuff I have incorporated in my eating is Coconut Milk and Cauliflower Rice.  Towards the end of 2017, we switched to Cauliflower rice and have NOT looked back!  I have had rice a couple of times since and it is just not the same.  I enjoy cauliflower rice so much more now!  I make it with everything; burrito bowls, use it as a pasta, and even made some “Mexican cauliflower rice”. Perfect for people on a KETO diet!

Currently Loving:
Lavender essential oils – all day every day! It helps me sleep and relax.  I have a face spray from Sheer Miracle that is amazing and in the evening (sometimes multiple times a day) I spray my face with this mixture and I feel so refreshed!

Currently Dreaming:
I have had some weird and intense dreams lately!  I won’t go into details here, but it must be all the stress from moving!

Currently feeling:
OVERWHELMED to say the VERY least!  We are selling our home which has been my childhood home for 25 years and ended up being Darrin and mine first home together where we fixed it up and had our very first moments there.  We are moving and even downsizing to an apartment.  We are making the move from suburbia to city life!  Also, we are going down to having one car and the car we are giving up is also a car I have had for over 10 years (it was a car I drove in high school!)  LOTS OF CHANGES and it is so hard and difficult but change is usually difficult and often for the better! Currently listening: Since my car is old (see above!), I don’t have any fancy plug ins or blue tooth to listen to my music.  I often listen to the normal radio; however when I work out I have a dedicated playlist to get me pumped!  One of my favorite songs right now is Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar’s “Freedom”!!

Currently celebrating: OMG SO MUCH!  After SIX LONG months with our house up for sale, we have finally sold it and we are finally having our dream come true in moving to Chicago – something my husband and I have wanted since we started dating.  It has been a LONG time coming and it has certainly not come easy.  Also, this is the month where I am celebrating five years cancer free! (watch out for a giant post about that!)  So many birthdays as well in January in my family and among my friends – (A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY HUSBAND IN JANUARY!!!)

Where I Am Going: Rose Fest in Chicago on January 20th!  Celebrating my five year cancer-versary and then celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays!  Hopefully it’s not snowing drastically out or unbearably cold but whatever it is Chicago in January so it should be expected!  Otherwise, we are trying to not plan too much because moving is going to be hectic and adjusting to a new normal will be interesting!

Crafting: I just really want a Cricut!  Who wants to buy me one?!

What are you thankful for this month?
SO MANY THINGS.  This month is the month of change and reflection for sure.  First and foremost, I am thankful for my health.  My health has bounced back from two bouts of cancer and god knows how many different drugs and surgeries.  I am beyond grateful for how my body has helped up and beyond thankful for what it can do for me.  I have been cancer free for five years which is known as you are CURED essentially.  I am no longer in “remission”.  I am thankful for the 25 MEMORABLE years of living in my childhood home.  After my parents passed away consecutively within 18 months of each other and even when I went through cancer, my siblings and I had the means and opportunity to stay in our home and didn’t have to deal with additional stress of moving and losing something else we had.  Once my brother and sister moved out, I also was able to spend my first years with my now-husband in our house and make it our own.  I am thankful we have our jobs, and we have been employed by companies for a combined over 10 years, and that they are stable and this gives us the opportunity to move to the city that we have dreamed about for so long.  I am thankful for so many memories we have had living in our home and how five people used to live in the home and it has dwindled down to my husband and myself and our pup!  So many countless memories of childhood, teenage years and then when my siblings and I lived there by ourselves.  Many good memories but also some difficult ones.  My husband and I had our first kiss in front of this home and it was where we became a family!

Thank you for reading about my January – what are you up to this month?  Anything I should be eating, cooking, trying out?  Sound off below!!  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


The Best Face Products Ever


Hi all!

Welcome to my first post about the products that I love!  These posts are going to be products that I ACTUALLY use – not something where I get a paid review from.  After all, Laugh Always is all about living your best life and to live your best life you need all of the best items!

Today I want to tell you something I have been using since HIGH SCHOOL!  Right, I am only 30 and have been out of high school for almost 12 years now so it might not sound that dramatic to people.  Either way, I have been consistent with these products for a long time!  I have been using Neutrogena brands since my very first pimple in middle school.  Face wash, lotion, you name it!  It was really the only thing available at local drugstores and one of the more cost effective brands (still is!)

Every one is different, I know that!  But I am going to share what it has done for me and who knows, it might work for you too if you haven’t tried it!

1.) Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, SPF 15, 4 Ounce (Pack of 2)

The best face lotion I have ever used and STILL continue to use.  Let me tell you something – I don’t wear makeup that often.  The pictures you see of me all over social media – there isn’t any foundation or cover up in most of those pictures!  I have been asked several times what foundation or concealer I use.  None ladies – it is just my skin!  I do have to stay I was lucky to not be bombarded with a ton of acne in my teenage years, but I still had it.  Forehead, cheeks, chin were my worst spots!  And of course how can you not pop those things?! (Gross I know and so bad for you!)  I have had scarring and red spots and when I was younger I didn’t dare put enough sunscreen on (I need that tan!).  I always had combination skin where parts of my face were oily, but if I used too much face wash, I had other areas of my face dry out.  Especially in the winter, my driest skin was around the corners of my mouth and in between my eyebrows.  I have applied this lotion everyday to my face since high school – and that is NOT an exaggeration!  This has been my go to for nearly 15 years now, and I have not bought another lotion.  It is cost effective and lasts me about three months.  I apply once a day all over my face.  It isn’t greasy and it always feel super refreshing when I use it!  Especially right out of the shower after I have just washed my face!

If you are looking for a cheaper route and one that does wonders for you, try this one out!  Amazon has this for a pack of two for only $16.48!

2.)Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes & Wipes, Refill Pack, 25 Count (pack of 6)

When I do tend to wear makeup, I never used to take it off (I know, that is gross!).  So I decided to make the investment in buying makeup wipes.  Again, I don’t wear makeup often and I am not looking for something to break the bank.  I have always been loyal to Neutrogena products so I thought I would try these.  Of course, these are the best ones that I have used.  They do not dry out quickly, because I don’t use them that often.  They also do not dry out my face or burn.  My face feels so refreshed after using one wipe and usually one wipe is perfect for me!  One package usually runs me $5.99 and that is good for me because one pack lasts me a long time especially because these don’t dry out.  You can purchase them in bulk on Amazon of course because Amazon is the best thing ever!

3.) Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser, 5 Oz

This cleanser has been a life-saver for me. I breakout when it is “that” time of the month and I am very conscious of where my acne pops up (have you heard of facemapping??). Usually I am always looking for the actual cause as to why my acne is popping up. While I am not a teenage anymore and I am going into my thirties, I still get acne whenever I am stressed or if I have had one too many cocktails. While I will naturally try to get rid of my breakouts, I use this cleanser to assist me. It makes my face clear fast. It is so powerful that I cannot use it everyday and if I do tend to use it everyday, it will dry out my face. It does the job when I need it to and it lasts me a long time since I don’t need to use it everyday. This has been my all-time favorite facial cleanser! Click the link below to purchase (again Amazon has it cheaper than most drug stores!)

4.) Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Spot Gel, 1 Oz

Another favorite product! A spot corrector that dries out little pimples overnight. Works like a charm! I put it on before I go to sleep and in the morning my pimple is usually gone or a lot smaller. I have had one small tube for over three months now and for just seven bucks, it is perfect for me! I get a lot of acne on my chin or forehead and usually they are red and painful and this helps take the pain and redness away for sure. Amazon has it cheaper than for what I paid for it so try it out!

I hope you have found one or a few products worth trying! I have been a loyal Neutrogena fan in my teenage years and in my adult life and I don’t think I would try anything else! They all work for me and everything has been easy to purchase. My next purchases will be through Amazon for sure because if you have prime – remember it is free shipping! All of these are cheaper online through Amazon and it will save me a trip to the local drugstore.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

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