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As Summer Approaches... (2)


As the summer months approach (especially for us Midwestern people!) we tend to all of a sudden want to look better, lose weight, and show off a bunch of skin in these warmer months.

The ideas and marketing are everywhere!  “Drop 10 pounds for summer!”  “Bikini season!”  “Bikini abs in 30 days!”  Why is that mindset in place?  Why do we only want to lose weight when it’s warm out?  Why don’t we work on our bodies year round?  In my opinion, we should be healthy year round right?  Isn’t that something called yo-yo dieting?

Most of us scramble around the spring time trying to all of a sudden eat healthier (which may be starving ourselves) and working out like crazy.  These sudden changes in behaviors will NEVER stick.  You HAVE to start a routine if you want any real changes!

So why do we fall off the wagon when it comes to health and fitness?  Most of us do the same routine year in and year out.  Summer/Warmer weather approaches and we rush to drop the pounds.  What are our EXCUSES?  Let’s take a good hard look in the mirror, what is seriously stopping us from achieving what we want?

There it is!  Right in the mirror in front of us!  IT IS US!  We are stopping ourselves; we are our biggest challenges.  It is ALL a mental game!  I know with myself it is a BIG mental game when it comes to stress eating, being lazy or not getting up in time to work out in the morning.  There is NOTHING ELSE STANDING IN OUR WAY!  It is only us.

How do we change this mental game?  Well, how bad do you want to be in shape?  How bad do you want to drop those pounds?  I mean, don’t you get frustrated when it comes to losing weight EVERY YEAR?!  It is SO much harder to drop weight and it seems so easy to gain it!  It is all a mental game so here are some tips to keep you from falling off that wagon again!

So here are five tips to keep you on track all year long and break that mentality of cycle dieting!



We all have crazy lives, I totally understand.  I LIKE to be busy, which  might make me crazy!  However, I have been a horrible planner and I always run out of time.  What I have started to do is take advantage of my down time and really write down things I need to do.  Maybe it’s an adult thing to do!  Write out your week, plan your meals, your workouts and write out everything you have going on this week.  Where can you find time to workout?  Where do you have an extra ten minutes?  Do you think you need to start getting up a little earlier?  Or maybe after the kids go to sleep, do something for you?  Whatever it is, you can plan it.  You can plan your workouts, you can plan your meals and as long as you STICK to the plan, you will have success.  I know that when I don’t plan, I eat bad, I grab fast food and I absolutely do not work out.  Plan your work outfits the night before or lay out your exercise clothes so when 5:30 am rolls around, you don’t complain about trying to find clothes when you are barely awake!  PLAN!


I mean we can plan all we want, but what is the point of a plan when we don’t follow it?  Let me put it to you this way, challenge yourself for five days to follow the plan.  At the end of the week, how do you feel?  Did your week go by fast?  I know mine does when I follow a plan.  Cooking at home and meal prepping typically saves you money too so how is that bank account of yours?  Stick to your plan!  I know that when I concentrate on a plan for a few days in a row, it then becomes harder to break.  You are setting yourself up for a new routine!


Yes – stop saying you are on a diet.  Diets are temporary.  To keep the weight off and have any type of long lasting effect, it needs to be a permanent change.  Lifestyle change anyone?  So when it comes to dieting, we typically do an immediate change to what we are eating and drinking on a daily basis.  While some people can quit things “cold turkey”, this is usually not the case and it can be detrimental to our changes.  When someone typically stop eating bad food all of a sudden, that craving doesn’t go away and leads to a binge further down the road.  I’m telling you that you can have these bad foods, but you can’t eat them all the time.  It is a lifestyle change and of course during a LIFESTYLE you will have some bumps along the road.  Turn those cheat days into cheat meals, or cheat items.  Don’t undo a week of progress in simply just a week’s time because you had a full cheat day or cheat weekend.  Keep it going and don’t just suddenly make drastic changes.  Start gradually with getting more water in your diet and changing out for healthier foods.  Again, if you do this gradually and make permanent changes, you will be more successful!

4.)  Eat For Fuel

What do I mean by this?  You should eat to nourish your body.  Your body can do some pretty amazing things right?  Our bodies withstand a lot.  We need to be showing our body love and be thankful for what it does for us on a daily basis.  I mean it keeps us alive right?  Why do we feed it bad things?  Sure, those French fries make us comfortable at first when we crave it but the next morning are you feeling great?  Don’t you feel a little sluggish?  We need to eat things that our body and mind will benefit from.  Eating better will put all of these other practices into place also.  We will be more motivated to conquer our weight loss and health journeys!

5.) Find Your Why (and write it down!)

Why do you want to lose weight?  Why do you want to workout?  We all need to be honest with ourselves.  It is okay to admit you are unhappy with how you look, how you feel, or how clothes fit you.  No matter what size you are, it matters how you FEEL inside and out.  What is your why?  Find that reason deep down inside of you and write about it.  If you have to, post it in your bathroom or write it somewhere that you look everyday.  Remind yourself everyday WHY you want to start a healthy journey and become a healthier person.


I hope that these are helpful tips that you haven’t thought about yet.  I know that when I truly plan and think about WHY I want to stay on my healthy journey, the fast food and the real sugary drinks don’t see to be craved as often.  I crave feeling great and I know I can only reach that point by truly sticking to my plan.  I am most successful when I plan and record and prepare for my week ahead.

Another thing that I have found beneficial to my fitness journey is yoga —> read about my journey here I Bend So I Don’t Break

What are some tips that have worked for you in your health journey?  Sound off below!


Thanks for reading!






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Thanks for sharing! I’m one of those who is trying to get in shape for the summer and these tips are very helpful.

Leena Chadha

Even I try to stick to a plan or routine every time and that’s half the job done! Nice and easy tips.

Christine at Delightful Southern Moments

I totally agree! I especially like that you’ve suggested to leave a reminder for yourself in the bathroom or write it somewhere that you look everyday. This really helps to have success! And yes, dieting isn’t good- our lives change and our eating habits will too.

Brittany Franklin

Thanks for sharing! I definitely needed to read this. I will take your tips while i change my lifestyle.


I believe if we find out our why, it will help with sticking to the plan. We musty decide to dig our heels in and help ourselves, me included.

Joan Cajic

These were really great and I already know where I go wrong. It’s not sticking to a plan and just focusing on dieting which always fails me so I think I need to rethink my strategy.

Lucy Chadwick

Love your writing style! This post is so timely. I always put my fitness last. Its really time to do something about it. Going to start my planning right away. thanks for this!


Very helpful tips.. I have just implemented a similar plan for mealplanning and I think it will apply quite nicely to my fitness as well. I think a plan is essential for success. 🙂


oh my gosh YES to the STOP DIETING part and the eating for fuel! I’m so tired of the restriction and limitations promoted in diet culture. Eat what your body needs! Deprivation only leads to binging and other disordered eating behavior. All of this is great advice, but those two really stuck out to me! Awesome post!


Thanks for a wonderful piece 👌 I’m trying to regain my pre-pregnancy weight.

Chato B Stewart

I get, “STICK TO YOUR PLAN”, not a diet a lifestyle… I don’t want to lose weight I just want to be healthy and weight loss, it’s the bonus… About me, you’ll need first factor in I’m living with bipolar disorder… Weighed 405lbs in 2013. Worked hard off and on many fails diets till found one that worked for me. Got all the way to 315 (90lbs). Most of the weightloss Aug 2017 to Jan 2018 working a KETO diet. But in a funk, depression since Mid January. Well a funk, to deep depression (still medicated). Unmotivated, trying, but NOT… Read more »


Yes I am really lazy and you’re right I don’t like how the clothes fit in my body or how do I look because of fats 😛 .

Kristi McAllister

It really is about planning and being in the right frame of mind to make it a lifestyle change instead of a temporary change. I’ve gained too much weight since moving to the beach, and I want to do something about it, but I also have to be ready emotionally and mentally to do it or it won’t stick. Great post!


I get all the points you are making. For some of us, it’s easier said than done. Smokers find it hard to stop smoking. And yet for some people they need more support. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter


Great tips! I completely agree that it’s about making lifestyle changes instead of “dieting.” That’s the easier part for me…truly committing to my workouts is a completely different story!


I really like your tip about planning. I’m so busy with work and life generally that it’s hard to ensure I eat healthy. I use a lot of planning and shortcuts.


Very helpful information! Planning is a key component to having a successful outcome. Dieting is the worst. I think people really overthink this process and it turns into resentment. I also think that eating for nourishment is also a great point. Great post!


These are awesome. I find planning really helps me to stay on track


I enjoyed this! You’re right. There is something about the word “diet” that almost seems to set us up to fail. I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle choice. Interesting info.