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Hi everyone!  It has been almost two months since I personally have posted on here.  I have been meeting so many of you and you all have shared your stories with me.  I have met so many people from different walks of life and I can’t wait to meet more of you.  Over the past two months, I have had so many guest posts in the Laugh Always Spotlight Edition and I am hoping you are enjoying this series.  These are incredible people, and I can’t wait to showcase more of your stories!

During Thanksgiving week, I decided to focus some of my posts on my Instagram on items that I am thankful for.  I challenge the Laugh Always Ambassadors and my followers to participate in the #LAthankfulchallenge.  It was seven days and it made me truly think about the bigger things in my life.  Sometimes we are all so busy that we don’t take a moment each day to recognize what we are thankful for.  We shouldn’t do this on one designated day for the year, we should be doing this a little bit each day.

Each day was themed and I want to share what my seven days of thankfulness were.


Day 1: Person


First and foremost, the person I am most thankful for in this life is my husband Darrin.  Our story of coming together as a couple is my favorite story to tell and it has been so easy and simple ever since.  Our relationship has been and still is one of the easiest things in my life, and that is why we make such a great team.  We take on so many projects together and go through journeys together.  We pick one another up and can be husband/wife but also best friends.  I hit the mother load with this guy and I still can’t believe someone loves me as much as he does.  He has taken on so much for us and is always making sure our dreams come true.  I can’t brag about him enough; he has taught me so much about unconditional love.  He has pushed me into new ideas and new journeys that I never thought possible and with him I feel invincible.



I love food.  I am one of those people who definitely gets “hangry”.  I have two different items here; salmon and chicken wings.  In January of this year, I made some goals for myself; not necessarily resolutions.  I decided one of the things I needed to do for myself was self-care and eating better.  I finally made cooking fun and I made an effort to try different recipes each week.  For that, I tried salmon for the first time.  My wonderful husband made a blackened salmon recipe and ever since I have been hooked!  I get it at restaurants and we eat it at least once a week.  I am not a seafood person, and having more fish in your diet is very beneficial.

Chicken wings and I have a love affair.  If I could eat these everyday I would!  Watching a sports game and having a tall beer is probably my favorite go to cheat meal or whenever I am feeling stressed (stress eating is HORRIBLE!)





My moment that I am most thankful for is something that ultimately changed my life forever.  I decided to grow up quick at 23 and go see a doctor about a painless lump in my neck.  Considering I hadn’t been to a doctor other than for sports physicals in high school, I was completely clueless on where to start.  Being healthy and having this lump not really bother me, I didn’t find the urgency either.  With the slight push from one of my best friends, she referred me to her family doctor and the same day of my first appointment with her, I was being sent to the hospital for a chest x-ray and a CT scan.  All new things for me and I was completely alone.  With how much this was hard to take and the journey itself lasted for three years, I am now a healthy 30 year old on the verge of being cancer free for five years.  It has given me a new outlook on life and has completely changed my life in becoming a better person.  There isn’t another moment that defines everything that has led to this moment now.





This picture shows one of the best moments in a morning setting this year, if not my life.  My best friends and I ran the Disney World Princess Half Marathon (our first half marathon).  We actually participated in the Glass Slipper Challenge during the weekend which consists of a 10k and a half marathon on back to back days.  This moment was taken right after we all joined back up after the half marathon – 19.3 miles in 24 hours.  We have never ran that long before and to do be a part of this wonderful weekend was definitely a bucket list item checked off.  My husband was able to catch these candid moments where we were all emotional and congratulating each other on a job well done.  Getting up at 2:30 am each morning to complete in these races seems crazy but it was completely worth it (and I can’t wait to do it again!)



I am not awake for a lot of sunrises.  Not that I am not a morning person, but I like my sleep and I tend to be more productive in the evening.  My husband and I took a dinner cruise in Chicago in Lake Michigan for our first anniversary this year.  This picture is of the best skyline in the world-CHICAGO!  I have been lucky that I live 45 minutes away from such a beautiful sight and a beautiful city, but I am also lucky to have the opportunity to move there with my husband (hopefully soon…trying to sell our house!).  Another item on my bucket list is to live in this city – for who knows how long but it is great to have a partner who wants the same things.  I have seen this skyline so many times, but I am completely in awe of it every time we drive in.




LAUGHTER!  LAUGH ALWAYS!  Laugh always is my motto!  Of course I am thankful for laughter!  Laughter has gotten me through ALL of the darkest times in my life.  That is how I get through life’s challenges, whether it be making fun of myself or making fun of the situation.  You CANNOT take life seriously.  You have to have humor because otherwise you are just going to end up hating everything you have to face and your life is going to be miserable.  I have so many pictures like this with my favorite people.  I don’t post these frequently but my phone is full of these crazy pictures.  You have to be silly through this crazy thing called life!





I am more of a city gal.  I have never been camping, nor do I care to unless it is in a cabin with running water and electricity.  However, I do like lakes and lake house weekends and I like hiking.  I love being outside and smelling the warm fresh air.  I am a summer gal where the sunshine is the best thing ever.  Warm nights are also the best too.  This picture is of a park that is right down the street from our current house (and that’s my pup!)  The park is gorgeous and another one of those things where you constantly have a good feeling while you are there.  There is a giant lake and the landscaping and structures are all gorgeous.  It is a great gem that is right down the street in our little city.  Belle loves it too!


Thank you for reading and getting to know a little bit more about me.  If you want to join more photo challenges, head on over to this group to see what we have coming up!  I want to know what you are most thankful for in 2017.  Share in the comments below!

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Until next time,

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Kristi McAllister

One of the things I love about you is your transparency. As writers, our readers love getting a glimpse of who we really are as people. Congrats on being cancer free. And PS. Iā€™m with you on the camping thing. Give me running water and A/C! LOL!


This is one of the most inspirational posts I have read in a long time! I feel that I must also sit and think about the things I am grateful for (I live in England and thanksgiving isn’t really celebrated). I felt something warm running down my cheeks (they are happy tears) while reading. I will, in fact go make my own list now. Thanks for sharing titbits of your happy life.

Mann Reyes Jr

A Nice laughable and personal website. Loved it!


oh my tears!! This post brought a smile to my face and reminded me of all the things I’m thankfl for.

Annie Cho

This is such a sweet post. It reminds me that there’s so much in life to be thankful for, and that I should go tell everyone I am thankful for them. I’m so happy you are cancer free!!


Annie Cho

I’m so happy you’re cancer free! Congratulations! I love this positive post!

Monique Elise

This is such a great post. I think we get so caught up in our lives and goals that we forget to stop and take stock of what we do have! Thanks for sharing.


I love this! It’s so important to be grateful for all the blessings we have in our life.

Expert Traveller

It was lovely to read your story, thanks so much for sharing!


Congratulations on being cancer free. Such a wonderful and personal post šŸ™‚


I love your writing! It was great to know a little bit more about you! Thanks for sharing



I’m glad you’re back to posting on your blog!! It’s sometimes nice to take a little break from everything. I loved this post and can’t wait to read more of yours in the future!