Buffalo Chicken Wraps – Han’s Weekly Meal Prep

Lean burgers&Zucchini Chips (4)

Who doesn’t love Buffalo Chicken?  If you love a little spicy chicken, this recipe is for you.  Dealer’s choice on the buffalo sauce and the tortilla wraps.  My choice for the wraps is the organic sprout wraps.  I also use a griddle or a grill for my chicken, because I LOVE charred lines, but your skillet and an oven will do!


2 packages of chicken tenderloins

2 tbsp fresh garlic

Olive Oil

Bag of Celery (diced)

Large green pepper (diced)

Red onion (cut in long thin pieces)

Frank’s Buffalo Sauce (or your choice of buffalo sauce)


Bag of fresh spinach




In a lined griddle or grill (or skillet), warm to medium heat for a few minutes.  Throw in olive oil and cook your chicken tenderloins.

Set aside to cool when finished.

Take all of your fixings and make as you prefer!

You get your carbs, veggies and protein.



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