Hungry For A CHANGE! – Han’s Weekly Meal Prep

I am SO excited to bring you another special section to the Laugh Always blog!  The blog is meant to inspire those to live your BEST life, and to live your best life you need to be healthy right?  We need to eat REAL food that is good for us to live a long, healthy and HAPPY life.


I want to introduce to you my new series “Hungry For A Change – Han’s Weekly Meal Prep”!!  Every week, Laugh Always will be bringing you healthy recipe ideas to prep for your families at home.  Not only do we have cost effective ideas, but original recipes and slight changes to some original recipes that might not have been healthy before.  I know I love food, and it is hard for me to eat healthy a lot of the time, but when I make things I actually WANT to eat, it definitely makes the week go by fast.  Plus, I am not eating out and I am SAVING MONEY!  Who else needs to save money here?!  *Raise your hands!*

I want to also introduce you to one of my BEST friends – Han.  Every week, she is cooking up a storm for breakfast, lunch and dinner for herself and her wife.  She is the ultimate meal prepper and works hard every week at her cooking.  I asked her to contribute to my blog because she seriously knocks it out of the park EVERY week.  I’m lucky if I meal prep ONE meal!


I hope you love her recipes – they are going to be different than anything you have seen before.  Different ideas than the usual “chicken, rice, veggies” you see.  New ideas so we hope that you benefit from these!  Can’t wait to see what she “cooks up”!  (I had to…)

Thanks for following along!


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Can’t wait Han!!! 🤗🤗🤗