Replace “No” With “Yes”

I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that b-tch up myself.


We wait for jobs.  We wait for opportunities.  We wait to see if we will get that promotion.  We wait for more income.  We wait for the “other” person to make the first move.  We wait to travel.  We wait for our friends to contact us.  We wait for summer, fall, winter or spring.  We wait for a “certain” time.

What are the things you have always wanted to do?  What are the places you have always wanted to travel to?  What is your dream job?  What is your dream life?

Answer these questions honestly.  Write a list if you must.

My question to you is – Why in the world haven’t you done those things?  What is honestly holding you back?  More importantly, what are you waiting for?  Why don’t you have a plan to tackle these goals?

I used to live someone else’s dream.  I lived vicariously through other people and their experiences.  I did not go away to college.  I did not have the college lifestyle that many people get to have; dorm life, drinking late hours and partying, sorority sisters, frat parties – I had those experiences THROUGH others.  It was either my boyfriend that I had at the time or friends I had that were away at school and I would visit them.

Of course, you are age 18-22 and you don’t know what you are doing in life yet.  However, I was not having my own experiences.  I spent so much of my late teens and early twenties living through others experiences and doing what others wanted to do.  I put myself last when this time in my life, I should have been the most selfish.  Unfortunately, not many of us realized that!

Life took its toll and took my parents away from me.  Still reeling from those deaths, I was shortly diagnosed with cancer on and off for the next 3 years.  LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE ALERT!

Once in remission for my final time, all I wanted to do was live life. That was my goal.  My friends and I will tell you that this particular summer was probably all of our favorite summers together.  We all spent every single day of the summer months together and we all bonded and became so much closer than we already were.  One of my best friends and I had an urge to take a trip together.  We started to “get into” wine at this point and decided that a trip to Napa Valley was something we wanted to do!  It was planned within two months!


Was this something I have always wanted to do?  Yes and no.  Before this, I had never traveled alone with a friend or planned a vacation by myself.  I didn’t know what I was doing, and neither of us had a set plan for going out to Napa, nor was Napa our planned destination.  We ended up going for a week with NOTHING on our agenda and decided what we wanted to do once we got there.

I could have had hundreds of excuses.  “I don’t want to spend the money”, “I don’t want to travel that far”, or “Let’s wait until next year”.  This is something that I have wanted to do and God knows I needed a vacation!  It was something I truly wanted to do, so I did it.  It is still one of my favorite vacations to this day (yes, it even comes close to my honeymoon in Maui!).  I feel my life was finally jump started into finding what I wanted to do specifially in my life and I started learning to become selfish for ME.

Since beating cancer in 2013, I have been to more states and have been on more vacations than I have in my previous 25 years of life.  I have been wine tasting in Napa Valley, I have been to Cancun, I have been all over Michigan for weekend stays,  I have been to Maui, San Diego and I ran a half marathon in Disney World in Orlando Florida.  I already have two vacations planned for 2018 which is Guatemala and a return trip to Napa Valley!

I don’t make six figures a year.  I own a house.  I have student loans.  I have bills to pay.  But I make it WORK because it is something that I love doing.  I can’t imagine not visiting these places.  I can’t imagine not exploring these places in my lifetime.  Life has shown me that I should not waste time.  It keeps slapping me in the face pretty hard that I can’t take life for granted!

Why do you wait for love to come and find you?  You have probably done this in your life before; sat around and maybe you weren’t getting the attention you desired from someone because he/she was not texting you, not calling you, or not making plans.  STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WITH THOSE PEOPLE and make it happen with someone else.  Life is too short to waste time with people who don’t appreciate you or VALUE time with you.  The first time I have EVER asked for a man’s number was the first and last time I ever needed to because I am now married to him.  If a relationship is something you really want, go out and find it for yourself and don’t wait for it to come to you!

Why are you waiting to see if your job will turn out better/get a promotion?  If you think you deserve better, find something better.  You have the entire power in your hands at this moment to apply to any job or find something that better suits you.  Do you think you are too old to do something like that?  That is also something that shouldn’t hold you back.

Stop waiting

My advice to you is to stop waiting.  Stop waiting for the right time.  Take it from someone who knows and has had many reminders that life is short.  This message doesn’t have to be about the “bigger” things in life and that this is a reminder to cut the bull with a former friend over a stupid argument or any grudges that you have with family.  This could be about taking chances in all aspects in life.  I wanted to share with you how I began to take chances to make my life something that I am PROUD of.

Thank you again for reading!


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That trip to Napa sounds like it was very empowering! Good for you.


That is just the right way, glad you grab and take control of your life


How amazing and inspiring ! Thank you for sharing such personal details!

This is awesome! I sooooo needed this! Honestly, I remember having a conversation with my husband and telling him how I was frustrated with my sister because she is so creative and such awesome ideas and she is not putting them to use. He asked me why don’t I put my creative ideas to use instead of talking about my sister (in so many words). It made me see that I need to live my life. Since then I have been trying to stay focused, but life happens. I love the quote in the beginning. I am so glad that… Read more »

So true, we always waiting for something better, but we need to change if we want something new 🙂

LaToya C

Very inspiring post! I’m going to start planning a trip that I’ve been putting off. Thanks so much for sharing!


Great post! I’m in the process of trying to rebuild and remake my life into the life I want it to be and this was really inspiring. Maybe I’ll have to plan a trip to Napa to kick it off!


Really love this. So many of us wish we did x or y but never do! Take charge of your happiness! I need to take my own advice 🙂


OMG. Amen to all you said. Honestly, I don’t think there’s more anyone could say… other than that I have also recognized quite recently that I need to stop waiting for people or whatever and just do what I want. Now. Not next year, not the year after… not when my sister finally makes time for me or when my ex decides he has time for me… SO DAMN TRUE. Waiting is nothing but waisting time. Powerful read 😉


This is such a lovely post! Very empowering and motivating. Thank you for sharing!


Love this. take advantage of many opportunities that come your way 🙂

Moving Through Momhood
Moving Through Momhood

Your story is so inspiring and I love the message to just do it! And I’m so glad that you’re HEALTHY!!


Good question; what are you waiting for?
Life is so short and we take it for granted. There’s never a right time. Thanks for being an inspiration!


You’ve been through so much already! It’s incredible to see that you’ve taken the plunge and started doing instead of wishing. That’s definitely a hard move to make. We make it a point to make new experiences with our kids each year. They won’t remember the toys and gifts, but they will remember all of the memories that were made on an adventure.


This is also true with young children – if it’s not a big deal, try to say yes to it instead of no. It’s made a huge deal with my kids.


This is so inspirational. Thanks for sharing


Love this post! So inspiring 🙂 Also, I am planning to go to Napa some time this year! We love wine and can’t wait to enjoy it out in the beautiful landscape of Napa 🙂

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Thanks for sharing this!!! Great post!!


Good for you. Great advice. Here’s hoping you’ll have many more holidays and a great many more laughs. From a fellow cancer survivor x

Lucy | Succeed Now

Wow this is a great post! Very inspiring story!