I Bend So I Don’t Break

Have you heard of “mindfulness”?  Do you know what it means?  I didn’t quite know what this fully meant until this year.  Mindfulness is being present in the moment, and being conscious and accepting one's feelings and thoughts. I am a beginner yogi – yogi in training if you will.  I have been since 2014… Continue reading I Bend So I Don’t Break

Learn to Love Yourself

Health and fitness has quickly became a forefront in my life.  While I have always been active, I used to be one of those lucky girls who could eat and eat and eat and not gain a single pound.  Maybe I was unhappy with my weight one day and decided I wanted to lose a… Continue reading Learn to Love Yourself

Replace “No” With “Yes”

  We wait for jobs.  We wait for opportunities.  We wait to see if we will get that promotion.  We wait for more income.  We wait for the "other" person to make the first move.  We wait to travel.  We wait for our friends to contact us.  We wait for summer, fall, winter or spring. … Continue reading Replace “No” With “Yes”